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Major bugs and crashes with this update (10.2)

For those who are curently working on serious projects, don’t update to 10.2 yet or you might meet some bad surprises… The broken compliancy with major third party plugins being one of the less destructive expererience inside this lovely package. So my advice would be as follow. For newbies have fun; for pro avoid at all cost for your current workflow and for the moment.

Not as bad as it seems

Im enjoying the new FCPX for whats new... Im loving the Magnetic Timeline, Audio Sync feature and almost everything else that its there, but for what isnt... Whats bugging me about this release are color correction and its audio editing capabilities. On the color correction part, I dont have how to indicate where are my whites anymore, nor have something advanced as I had in Color. I miss the color wheel. No LUT importing (for my DSLRs Technicolor Cinestyle or to export to telecine). For audio stuff I cant edit it properly now, mixing 2 tracks together (fade in, fade out is just unacceptable), edit only one side of a stereo file or cutting bumps from some track. I dont have ProTools, so I really used to rely on SoundTrack Pro, and Im already missing it. I believe that as soon as I find something to do those things missing on FCPX for me (3dr party or Apples), Ill be able to start working on the new tool.


Hi there! This is THE most fantastic editing app I’ve ever used, and for that, I’m thankful for this amazing Apple design. I just have one thing to complain about this last actualisation: why the hell the synchronizing process isn’t a background process like it used to be? This is just dumb, and I’m sorry for the word. It only makes the time taken to synchronise useless. Please, for the love of God, change that.

Cannot open my projects

With the update, my projects cannot be openend. It says: „Your projects have been made with a later version of Final Cut“ Fix this, apple!!!

Very Overpriced, but still an amazing software

It is very overpriced and is definitely not worth the huge price of 300 Euro. But there are so many features that filmmakers absoultely need. The software is very smooth even on not very fast computers. It is extremely easy to use and has a very user friendly interface. Obviously there are many drawbacks, and here are some things that I need fixed; First, for some reason when I preview the video the resoultion is downscaled by alot, even though when I pause it goes back to the original high quality image. When I export the video and see the final product the video quality is perfect. The preview needs to be fixed. Second, sometimes when I open the app I can see a bunch of apps on my dock opening and closing immediately and then opens Final Cut Pro in a while. It isnt a very big issue but can annoy me. Thats it. its a good software that is overpriced, but I paid for it because I need it.

New interface.

I have been use to the “old” interface from FCP X V2.x and the new V3.0 is different in many ways. Whilst some changes are good, some I find plain strange. However, I am sure I will get use to it.

Pure AWESome.

I came over to Mac OS X in part to benefit from this app and it is awesome. The magnetic timeline is the greatest thing ever making the bazillion cut/paste/move operations that i do in a typical edit - totally idiot proof. Feature set is robust (im coming from Vegas/Premiere and OpenShot) - only minor issue might be the rendering speed im having but thats more of a hardware issue i suspect. Overall - for me - a new person coming to Final Cut from Linux/windoze based video editors - Im pretty happy !

Speedy app with a quick learning curve

Just completed our first short documentary edited in Final Cut Pro X and found it to be a great editing experience - responsive, much quicker to learn than some of the other major editing suites - and downright fun to work in. There are a lot of features hidden away behind the uncluttered UI but once you learn where things are it becomes easy to navigate the many powerful features. I do wish, however, there was more flexibility in customizing the workspace and UI access to certain features. As the program matures it may be able to earn that fifth star although its no slouch in its present form.

big fail

I read a lot of bad comment since the born of fcpx, and i finally bought my version and test it with real projet! Big fail, please give me a way to disable your revolutionary magnetic timeline, and not the P option, a magnetic disable !!! this is not a professional tool, forget about it to make real online conform, fail: sequence and project structure fail: no native aaf fail: magnetic timeline, clip always jump around while editing fail: monitor viewer absent fail: timeline without tracking label fail: the usual work with timecode fail: basic function like adding a cross disolve and try to edit it dont loose your time trying! get a premiere adobe or avid! or keep using fcp7

Give it a chance, and youll be faster than ever.

I am an editor who has been working Professionally on the Broadcast and Web TV undustries for 7 years now. I have worked in Quantel, Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, Avid and Final Cut Pro 7. The majority of my Personal work was done using FCP 7, and so was the case for most of my clients. Their projects were to be cut in Legacy FCP. I now work primarily in FCP X... As someone who actually took the time to learn FCP X, there is no program that can help me create content faster. There will be many discussions about if this is a professional application or not. As a professional, I can attest to the fact that it certainly is. Those who can find fault with FCP X based on a missing feature or two, trust me, I can find faults in your program of choice as well.

Powerful, fun and easy to use

I upgraded to FCPX in May when I bought my new iMac. Up until then I had been using various versions of iMovie and just felt that FCPX would help making movies more flexible, with many more option than are possible with iMovie. FCPX is amazing. Its very responsive and the colour corrections and grading (with additional plugins I bought) make the process of creating the finished project very easy and fast. I am currently working on an edit of a wedding video made in 1997 from two VHS camcorders, trying to cut between the two cameras (they filmed the ceremony from two angles). Finally I tried the multi-cam feature in FCPX (I needed a couple of tutorials to understand how it worked) and WOW, The two camera were synced up on the audio track and I was able to cut easily between the two, Took me 30 minutes or so to get the rough edit. Yes; this is analogue tape from 1997! I just love it! The plugins I bought are very responsive, I just have to move the mouse over the plugin to instantly see the effect on the clip. No rendering time required! I have more flexibility (than iMovie) with titles and their placement etc and the transform tool allows me to shrink and move clips around the frame (using keyframes) very easily. The only issue Ive been fighting with is that I have been unable to successfully import all the iMovie projects into FCPX for some reason. Some worked. Some didnt. A visit with a Genius at my local Apple shop did not resolve the issue (It is a software issue, apparently). There is no other way to get these projects into FCPX, other than exporting the movie from iMovie, importing the movie into FCPX and cutting the scenes into individual clips (for grading / letter boxing. This is the only issue ive had, so far. Too bad really. Obviously this problem will not exist if you dont have files to transfer. With knowledge of iMovie, the learning curve is easy. Note however that there are lots of hidden features in FCPX that you will need to uncover and learn - but this is all part of the fun! Highly recommended for anyone who has outgrown iMovie, or needs to do some serious image editing. Lots od plugins available!

Throw my hat in the ring

The best way to sum up this program is as follows: Non-pro or Non demanding pro: great software. easy to use and you will get results. Demanding pro: BAD software that is gearted towards ease of use not complicated work flows. Its really a poor excuse for pro software, and the axing of sound track pro, quick time compatibility and colour should really back up that point. Also they took away options that made your life easer. such as togaling what your time line does, or even being able to move your windows arond and save them, and i can go on. For me their is only one thing to say "I HATE THIS PROGRAM"

Solid, Brave Effort

I purchased and started using FCP X last year. I have used FCP 6 and 7, and have also taught video editing - including the iMovie platforms to youth or very new editors. I love the new FCP X. I recognize that FCP 6 and 7 were built on old ideas, paradigms, and terminology. When I took the time to learn the new way that FCP X pushes, we found editing with it fast, enjoyable, and… profitable. It is short a few featurs, but I can see how this approach will be the future for most editors. It is certainly a bit of a mix between iMovie and a professional platform - the interface is very iMovie/ touch interface-inspired. While not quite a "complete package" it is cerainly more affordable than the first couple versions I bought, it is powerful, easy to use, capable and productive. Modern features such as constant auto-saving are appreciated! Minus 1-star simply for the lack of some pro features. They are coming though - the last update was pretty significant. If you love apple usability and are looking for a solid mac-native pro editing platform this is the only option - and its a good one.

Installed less than a week and hangs

Instead of continuing to learn to use it, lost time on the Apple Support site getting help from other amatuers logged in. My evening was spent trying back door fixes, none worked.. $300 gone.

We need a better mask!

We need to be able to choose the amount of points for masks. We need MORE POINTS! Adobe After Effects is brilliant, come on, apple, make this MORE LIKE AFTER EFFECTS!

Haters gonna hate

Ive been using FCP for 14 years. I resisted upgrading because.. you know- the internet. Dont believe the anti-hype. This program is great. Takes a little getting used to if youre crusty. So far no issues working with sound or effects houses.

New update is "solid!"

Just downloaded and tried 10.0.9. To be perfectly honest, it runs much smoother than the previous version. And, theyve added a few extras.. some filters, effects, and transitions.. which is a huge plus. I have been using this program since it was first released. Aside from minor issues (from previous update) Ive managed to complete projects in a timely fashion... my clients are pretty happy! Definitely worth purchasing!

Not very feature rich...

I have been using video editing software as an amateur for years. Before switching to Mac OS I was using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Honestly, in comparison, I find Pinnacle Studio easier, much more feature rich out of the box and much cheaper… I am so disapointed as it seems to be kind of the reference in the Mac world. Either I dont get this soft or it is actually super basic (out of the box). I am even considering going back to Pinnacle Studio.

Quite happy with this new release!

The new retiming and stabilization features especially. Just bought a new MBP and it renders like a dream. Still waiting on a feature to easily send a clip from the timeline into Motion. The work around now is a bit annoying. However, 5 stars. Best NLE out there right now for what I do!


I upgraded hoping they would fix this piece of garbage. Now, ALL of my projects are GONE!!! I still have my events with raw footage (and some broken links) but NO projects!! I’ve hated this since they brought out X and I hate it even more now!! Apple, you should be ashamed for putting out such a PIECE OF CRAP! I’m trying to figure out if/how I can rescue my projects but I have a feeling it’ll be quicker to rebuild. It WON’T be in FCP!! I am on the hunt for something to replace this with. I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!

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