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Older laptops, be wary when upgrading

Before I upgraded to the new version of OSX, Final Cut worked superbly. It was very effective and a tool I used almost daily. Recently, I had to upgrade my Macbook Air for my classes, (and, in turn, upgrade FCPX) and the application is almost unusable. The program has an extreme lag, whenever I try to do anything (Use the blade, select, add text, etc.) the program freezes for a short while, and then resumes. This lag has drastically affected my workflow, and I am waiting for a new update to sort this out. Until then, I have to struggle through the slow and unbearable editing process. Not all is bad though, I have been able to look at some of the new features, and they all seem very neat, even if I am not able to fully utilize them. In short, be wary if you have an older computer, as this application might not run properly.

Great and user-friendly !

I’ve been a long-time user of iMovie and I loved it. When the version 10 was created, I didn’t like it that much. So, I thought of moving to : “ Final Cut Pro “ for about a year. Then, I saw all the new features of : “ Final Cut Pro X “ and I finally decided to buy it. Now, I have Version 10.2.1 and it is extraordinary. I’ve been studying it for 2 months, since I bought it, and I’m barely scratching the surface. I would say that it seems to me that it is 100 times more powerful and more precise than iMovie ! I just love it… keep up the good work Apple ! Video example = Le Café des trois colombes ( Pierre Major )( Pianiste-Chanteur ) The new version 10.2.2 has improved greatly again. I love more and more the fact that you can color independently, and so well, each clip that are part of your Project. Yesterday, January 24th 2016, I discovered some more power about the : “ Audio effects “ and on how to select them for your clips. They sound incredible and there are also some effects taken from : “ Logic Pro X “ that are available, in the : “ Browser “. It is just fantastic, everyday there is something to discover… so much power ! Now, with 10.2.3, it is more powerful than ever with my Mac Pro with 32 gigs of Ram. Too bad, that when we have different sizes of fonts, in a phrase, that we can’t select the : “ Whole phrase “ to change the font or the size. We have to do it : “ One size section " at a time. Usually, in Pages, you will select any paragraphs, with any size… and change the whole thing at the same time. What I also would love, with the new version, is more parameters to adjust the : “ Audio effects “ on a track. Right now, the : “ Audio effects “ have pretty basic parameters that barely do the job.

its great

love the new update

Pretty look to update, disastrous failures on every other level...

Is this the general direction Apple Hardware and Software is going? Giveth to taketh away? Sure the dark new UI looks pretty, but why hide basic functions like expanding and shrinking the timeline? Why is the enter to return to zero still not enabled? Why do all my videos black out after 2 minutes of editing after the update? Um, that would be a big one. The disaster I was referring to. Unbelievable.

Very Positive New Features

I’ve been using and teaching FCP X for 5 years and this update is one of the most important in that time. Speed is improved, more professioanal oriented features implemented and lots of colour added. I updated a major documentary (60 minutes) replete with 3rd party plug-ins and many compound clips with no issues. The only downside is the app won’t be as easy to teach because it’s gotten more complicated in a way professionals will welcome. This update was almost worth the wait. : ) Any comparisons to iMovie should be far, far in the rear-view mirror.

Better and Better

Wow! I’m very impressed with this update. I’ve been using FCPX since its release, and have watched it get better and better with each update. To me, it’s obvious a lot of thought and planning went into this latest version. I’ve read some complaints about moving things around, but I find the changes logical and more in line with my workflow. The colour scheme is easier on the eyes. And with the new flat look, the app runs faster and more responsive. I now get four up scopes in Colour and Effects Workspace - something not possible previously on my vintage early 2009 Mac Pro. Workspaces is nicely impleented, as is the ability to toggle between Browser and Timeline on a dual displaly setup. The Roles editor is huge! Good job, Apple. Thanks.

Library Update Error

So I upgraded my FCP to this latest version and now when my existing Library tries to update itself to work with the new version, I cannot complete the loading process stating that there was an error trying to load and update the library. So Final cut works… but can only create new libraries and cannot open my old one for some weird reason.. So that that reason only, IT SUCKS

Great Update… If You Don’t Own An Early-2011 MBP

I’m having issues with FCP 10.3 on my Early-2011 MBP. The biggest one is audio effects. I’ve been editing AVCHD files from Canon cameras for years on 10.2, but since this update I can’t apply an audio filter. If I do I either don’t get any audio or it cuts in and out with loud bumps that are threatening to kill my monitors. (BTW I have posted this issue on the FCP forum… no answers yet.) Other issues include crashes and freezes. I can count on one hand how often FCP 10.2 did this to me. But 10.3 is often freezing and crashing. In fact that’s what I’m doing here. I’m trying to finish a project and it just crashed again. All this on a simple setup. My MBP with no 3rd party filters, etc. I edit 3 minute movie reviews with a simple green-screen setup. What was fast and simple is now a big, slow mess. So sad this is the case. I’m very pleased with the asthetic and functional updates.

Great but a bit confused

Great product, but some things were changed that I wish weren’t. Overall as I learn it its getting better but I haven’t been able to figure out things such as how to change the background colour around the video to something other than maroon. Who likes maroon? Idk its fine really but i still dont like this maroon

10.3 - Oh hello

The guiness is good folks. The guiness is good. It’s the real thing. And it will suprise you. I’ve found 10.3 to be exactly what I need; we’re still missing send-to-motion (though there’s an Automatic Duck/FXFactory solution for that). I also still wish it was a big more snappy. However, it’s good. Everything good about FCP X’s core philosophy but now with more features I so desperately crave. It’s got electrolytes for days.

This is Pro Software Now. Period.

First, I’m a small production house which uses FCPX to produce wedding, corporate, and other films. I was slowly forced into using FCPX (before that I was a FCP7 and Premiere CS6 user) because it is literally the fastest workflow available. Even exporting is much faster. I have also used Davinci Resolve, which is beautiful but simply about twice as slow as FCPX. FCPX has slowly become invaluable to me as I try to catch up on deadlines, and this new version is even better. They didn’t do anything gimmicky or add features just to create a buzz (although they have queitly added some), they straight up added workflow improvements such as Audio Lanes, improvements to Roles, more customizable workspace and saving effects presets. There are a lot of add-ons you can add to FCPX but as a minimalist who wants to spend all my time editing, colour grading and focusing on the emotion of my story, FCPX really does the trick. Amazing piece of software, finally on par with my other favourite Apple software, Motion. Well done, FCPX team. Can’t wait to see what’s next. The 10.3.1 update is mostly bug fixes. This is a phenomenally well designed, streamlined app which really helps you forget that you are using software and focus on creating content.


今まで、Final Cut Pro7とMotion4を連動させて快適に動画を編集していました。しかしMacOSXのアップグレードでMotin4が使用できなくなり断念せざるおえない状況になりFinal Cut Xを購入しました。 昨今、海外のプラグインの会社でも、こちらのFinal Cut X向けの商品ばかりリリースされており困っていましたので買ってしまいました。もちろんFinal Cut Pro7でも全然様々なことはできます。ただ私の場合、前述したプラグインとかエフェクトを重視するため、Final Cut ProXが必要でした。正直34800円は、いい値段ですが、APPLEでは、今これが一番なので決めました。懸念として製造中止とかのアナウンスはやめてください。先日アップデーターが公開されたので数年は大丈夫かと思いますが油断できません。評価は4です。マイナス1は、お値段分です。APPLE頑張れ。


10.3にアップデートして旧ライブラリのプロジェクトもアップデートしたら、「操作を完了できませんでした。( エラー 4)」と表示が出てライブラリがアップデートできません。 他のライブラリはきちんとアップデートされましたが、一つのライブラリだけがアップデートされませんでした、原因はわかりません、仕事で使っているので早急に対応お願いします。

FCP7 and FCPX are INCOMPATIBLE project files!!!!!!!!!

you cant open files form 7 in X this is iMovie Pro not new version of FCP .....

MTS import is a MUST!

Please, do it once and for all - allow import of separate MTS files from AVCHD camcorders. Not everyone backups their SD cards exactly as they were recorded. FCP has problems even importing correct AVCHD archives. Please please please! You can look all over Google - there are hundreds of people asking the same question - how to rewrap MTS as M4V or MOV. How is it possible that FCP X does not have such a basic function?! There are tens of $10 apps that do this - why $299 FCP X still cannot import MTS files? Come on, Apple!

Working with 10.2.1

FCPX becomes now a pretty powerful tool. From this version I can import XDCAM files directly from SD cards without the need to rewrite them to ProRes with a Sony Catalyst Browse App. In this version I had only problems with plugins from FX… after their last update and had to reinstall the whole FCPX. Be then carefull with plugins from others.

Really cool, but have some annoying changes.

The app is really cool and well thought-off for quick and comfortable editing. But compared with old FCP versions there are some changes that can not be treated as good: 1) No such good color control anymore. 2) Not possible to import projects from previous (before X) versions of FC 3) No iMovie integration anymore (no project export from iMovie to FCP) 4) No iMovie for iOS integration anymore (no project import from iMovie mobile to iMovie desktop nor to FCP ) The most interesting movie production flow: *Batch convert the files from camera to compact versions and uploading to iPad *Making a "basic assembly and composition" of the movie "on-the-go" using iMovie on iPad *Export project from iPad to FCP X *Fine-tune, effects/filters applying and render in FCP using native camera files instead of compact versions ==IS NOT POSSIBLE== Thats really make me thinking of changing the platform.



The Final Cut Pro X team knocked this last version out of the park!

I’ve been using Final Cut Pro X professionally since the day it was released and I haven’t looked back. The Final Cut Pro X team at Apple were on to something from the very beginning —a trackless timeline, audio components/Roles, metadata driven workflow, Motion Templates, so many forward-thinking things. Then they gave us the best version of multicam in any NLE. With this latest 10.3 update the FCPX team really knocked it out of the park! They’ve significantly updated the Magnetic Timeline, expanded the functionality of Roles (including the ability to assign Roles on import —a feature request of mine), completely redesigned the interface… so many wonderful new features and enhancements. This is a great time to be a Final Cut Pro editor.

Free Updates… Another Reason I LOVE FCPX

I’m one of those people who made the move from Windows video editing to the Mac specifically because of Final Cut Pro X, and I’m so thankful that I made the choice. I invested in top of the line Macs, and I use FCPX exclusively and never had a major problem. It’s fast, powerful, and most of all RELIABLE. Prior to that, I used more video editing programs than I can count and was never happy with the experience. Windows video editors would crash so often, and at the worst possible times, and I could never tell whether to blame Microsoft, Dell, the video card companies… or the software vendor, because they were all different companies. With FCPX, it’s all Apple, so everything works together. Once in a blue moon, something will crash. If that happens, I restart the App and more often than not, I didn’t lose a single edit. That means so much to me. I was an early adopter to FCPX, and in those early days, there were a LOT of missing features that were in the older version. But at least it was reliable, and I knew Apple was going to keep improving it. In time, the missing features rolled out, and surpassed the older versions, especially in performace. Final Cut Pro X was designed from the start to be 64 bit, and to use the latest hardware. With each new version, I pinch myself that they aren’t charging extra for the upgrades. With Adobe, you never stop paying. I LOVE THAT! This particular version looked a bit strange at first. They definitely made some big moves in the UI, so it took me an hour or so to get used to the new layout. One of the cool new feartures is the ability to smooth our jump cuts, which is actually something I purchased from a third party as a plugin. Another feature I love is the ability to remove effects and attributes. Previously, you could only undo an effect or attribute. Once you did other things, undo wasn’t practicle, so you had to turn the effects off, rather than remove it. I’m still exploring the new stuff, but I defintely love the new look and feel. It’s still very responsive on my Late 2014 iMac 5K Retina, which is imporant to me. Everyone loves new features, but at the end of the day, performance and responsiveness is critical.

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